New Bible Classes Begin November 5

Our Winter Quarter Bible classes begin on Sunday, November 5, and Wednesday, November 8. Please join us as we study God’s word to find out more about His will for our lives.

Sunday mornings (beginning November 5, 2017)

  • Room 100 College Age / Young Adults
    Daniel Jamerson, Chad Phillips
  • Room 118 A More Generous Spirit (Ladies Class)
    Cathy Murphy, Cherry Williams
  • Room 201 Wise Words for Today’s Families
    Stan Phipps
  • Room 203 The Four Pillars
    Dave Majors, Randy Reasons
  • Room 204 “To Serve or Be Served” A Study of Mark’s Gospel Marek Dawidow, Chuck Allison
  • Room 205 I Samuel Keith Bingham, George McHan
  • Room 207 Personal and Family Finances
    Todd Ruston, Scott Robbins

Wednesday Evenings (beginning November 7, 2017) 

  • Room 100 Let’s Talk About God (College Age / Young Adults) Taylor Caughron, David Payne
  • Room 118 Hope Through Hebrews (Ladies)
    Jessica Coile
  • Room 202 Bible Journaling (Ladies)
    Karen Matthews
  • Room 203 Anatomy of an Apostle (Study of II Corinthians)
    Derek Williams
  • Room 205 Galatians
    Jim Burns, Mike Robbins